Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fragrance Oils

When I first started, I decided that I would use strictly essential oils and other natural products. This decision was based on my horrible experience with most commercially produced products. I have had some of the worst reactions to cosmetic products. I mean truly awful! In junior high my legs would be covered in horrible rashes and itchy bumps. It took forever to determine the culprit was lotion. Then it took forever to find one that didn't cause a reaction. This is true of the more expensive brands as well.

That was the main reason I started making my own stuff. I could test each ingredient to see if I reacted to it and then create a product that I could use. I really like the scents I've created using essential oil and I know other soapmakers that use fragrances, so I'm happy to point a customer their direction if they want something I don't have.

I first used fragrance oils for a friend of mine. She wanted something special, so I made it for her for Christmas last year. I love the scent and the best part was IT DIDN'T BOTHER ME. My skin did not have any problems and I didn't get a headache from making it. I have slowly started using some of the samples that companies send me and I'm enjoying it. I've found some that I love and others that I really can't stand and some in between.

I would like to add some products with fragrance oils because I can offer scents that are too expensive as an essential oil, such as sandalwood, or aren't available in an essential oil, like strawberry. I will, of course, continue to offer products made with only pure essential oils and other natural ingredients. I think I might even start experimenting with other colors! It will be madness!