Friday, July 29, 2011


We just returned from a week long vacation around Texas. I don't know if you know this, but to go anywhere in Texas, you have a long drive.

We left last Wednesday night to head to Lubbock. It is about a 9 hour drive and you have to add an hour because of the time change, so we got there around 3 am. Why did we leave so late? Simple...Hayden. He sleeps all night anyway, so he doesn't fuss about being in the car seat that long. We got to Lubbock and spent the day relaxing and visiting family. On Friday we went to see Harry Potter because Grammy T was getting to spend the day with her grandchildren. Around 2, we headed to Gatesville for the Walls Family Reunion; another 5 hour drive.

We had a great weekend visiting family! Hayden had a great time racing around the concrete floor and was positively filthy by the end of the day Saturday. Sunday was breakfast, clean up, good-byes, and another drive to Dallas. Although, this one was only 3 hrs! We didn't stay long in Dallas, which I would have enjoyed because I have a lot of friends there that I don't get to see very often. Early Tuesday morning we headed back to Lubbock on another 5 hour drive. We had planned to stay in Lubbock and rest, but really wanted to get home. So, we had dinner with my parents, I napped, and we hit the road around 10:30 TX time. We took turns driving and arrived at about 6 am in Colorado Springs. Just in time for Hayden to wake up.

I had a wonderful time, but 100+ heat just didn't agree with us (although we did have a/c the whole time). I miss my family terribly and would love to see them more often, but having an infant changes everything about traveling. Trips take a lot longer because we have to stop for him more often. We can't just grab food and go, we have to stop and feed him. Then, you have to consider how much more stuff you need. You can't go anywhere without his toys. We have to pack a food bag just for him with his formula, bottles, bowls, spoons, some baby food, and snacks. He is getting older and can eat more of a variety, but is still limited. Don't forget the big box of diapers (cloth diapers are not so great when traveling without access to a washing machine). We have to take his seat to feed him because he will not stay still otherwise. And of course, we have to take his pack n' play because he needs a place to sleep and nap safely.

I love my family and wish Hayden could see them more often, but this may be the last trip we take until Christmas!