Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not A Winner

Well, the Supermompreneur has been chosen by Volusion and it wasn't me :( You can read my entry here.
This little guy thinks I'm an AMAZING mompreneur!

When the winners were first announced, my reaction was "Of course I didn't win, I never win anything!" Seriously, could I be anymore negative and self-pitying? Probably, but that's not the point.

No, I didn't win. There were 171 applicants and only 4 winners. So that means that 167 other women didn't win either, so I'm not alone there. Plus, if we're being honest, there are A LOT of amazing women out there that run a business and make great mommies. I can't imagine trying to pick just of them from all the applicants.

So, I didn't win, but here is something I know for sure...If I hadn't entered, I definitely would not have won. So, thank you to everyone who took the time to go read my story and like me and I'll just keep trying.