Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite Mommy Moments (so far)

#10-The first time he giggled in his sleep while I was holding him. It was so cute and so sweet, I thought I would just die.

#9-The way his eyes used to roll back when he started eating, like it was just the best thing ever.

#8-The first time he got excited to see me when I went to pick him up from daycare.

#7-That I can tell when he is done eating because he burps and grins at me.

#6-When he is upset and reaches for me because he needs his mommy.

#5-Watching him stare at something and suddenly get it to work right (doors being the most recent).

#4-The first time he crawled up the stairs, he turned his head to look at me and smile as if to say "wow, look what I just did."

#3-How he has started following me. If I walk out of the room, he'll start heading my direction.

#2-The way he smiles for me every morning when I go in to get him.

#1-Every smile and every laugh that goes straight to my heart.