Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Reunion!

I'm very excited, my family reunion is this next weekend in Gatesville, TX! I love my family reunions, we have so much fun talking and eating. It is always relaxing to get away and just know that there really isn't a whole heck of a lot to get done!

We always have an auction to help pay for next year's reunion. Everyone brings stuff that they make and we all throw out ridiculous bids to get it. Sometimes the fights over who gets what can be the best part of the weekend :)

This year will be different for several reasons. Motch and Uncle Hack are no longer with us. They will be missed by everyone and I don't know what we'll do without them there to irritate each other. One year Motch brought in the family crest she had and hovered over it protectively, just in case someone tried to make off with it. Uncle Hack amused himself (and a few others) by trying to run (walk quickly because he couldn't run) up and snatch it before she could stop him. He kept coming back empty handed saying that she was on to him. Nobody could give a glare like my Motchie and she let Uncle Hack have it :)

On the other hand, Hayden and the still developing Rhylee will be joining us. Hayden will be quite the handful and luckily we'll have family helping to wrangle him. He is now trying to climb everything (including the dog) and everything still goes in his mouth. Rhylee will be far easier to care for (at least for the next 1 weeks)!

We are leaving Wednesday night to head to Texas! I can't wait to see all the Walls'!

What is your favorite part of your family reunion?