Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fragrance Oils

I know that I said in the past that I was against using fragrance oils because I had had bad reactions to products that contained fragrances.

Well, it seems I must change my mind. I purchased a few fragrances for a friend because she requested in for her birthday. I did not get any of the oil on me, but I did try the product to make sure it was what I wanted to send. Guess what? No reaction!

This got me thinking, maybe it wasn't the products, it was something else that caused it. So, I tried some of said big store product. Guess what? Unhappy skin :(

My hypothesis is that it is not the fragrance, but something else in the products that caused my reactions.

I decided to try out some of the samples that companies keep sending me with my orders. I have still not had a reaction.

Because of this, I have decided to add some scents that are made with fragrance oils. I have chosen pthalate free scents only and I will continue to offer products that contain essential oils only for those that do not want any artificial fragrances. I will also continue to offer products that are completely unscented.

I made this decision for several reasons. First, I wanted to offer a larger selection to my customers; I've received numerous compliments, but also many requests for other scents. Second, for some scents, this is more cost effective and allows me to keep my prices down (patchouli is a great example of a recent price spike). Third, if we are being honest, some of the fragrances are just delicious.

I hope you enjoy my coming selection. To get the first scoop on our new scents, sign up for our newsletter!