Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We just got back from a whirlwind trip to see the grandparents! We went down to Lubbock last Wednesday night and just got back this morning. I like traveling at night with Hayden because he sleeps the whole way and it doesn't mess up his schedule. If we drive long distances during the day he wakes up and gets really angry about being in the car seat. Plus, he sleeps more and he doesn't sleep well at night.

We spent Thursday in Lubbock and went to Oklahoma on Friday to see my niece Andi. We had a great time. We went to the zoo (in 100+ heat) and to the pool. Hayden has been to the zoo, but he got to see some new animals this time. It was his first time in a pool! He liked splashing and kicking. Poor guy was so tired that he kept leaning back and just floating there!

He was smothered in sunscreen and sporting his cool hat at the zoo!       
We did have a little accident in the hotel. He was crawling around and tried to use one of the chairs to stand up and the chair moved. He bonked his sweet little head :( He's okay, but he has quite the little bruise.
See his ouchie!

We got to Lubbock on Monday night, spent most of Tuesday recuperating and left about 5 pm last night. It was so nice to get home and get to sleep in our own beds. Hayden slept like a rock until 7 this morning! He even enjoyed having his bedtime routine back.

Don't get used to it kid, we leave for camp next Thursday!