Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunflower Seed Oil

I bet you can't guess where this one comes from! Ok, I know you can, its just been that kind of day.

I love sunflower seed oil and I originally started using it in some of my lotions and to make massage oils as wedding gifts because it is so light. Which really makes it wonderful regardless of anything else, but sunflower oil is also great for other reasons.
  1. Contains linoleic acid, which helps to retain moisture and create that barrier that is so essential for your skin to function properly.
  2. Essential fatty acids may also help heal damaged skin.
  3. Is an emollient and stable in soap!
See, I told you it is amazing. Sunflower oil is good for most skin types and is high in vitamin e (antioxidant, anyone?). Another huge bonus: it is fairly inexpensive compared to other similar oils and can be the main oil in any skin care products. I even made a baby massage oil for a friend using this oil and she loved it! So, next time you read the ingredients and you see Helianthus annus, you know exactly what you are getting and why it is so good for your skin!

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