Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ick, Ack, Yuck!

Today I had to do the gestational diabetes test. You drink a small bottle of liquid that is SUPER sweet and in my case orange flavored. It was absolutely awful, it was like going back to childhood when Mom would force me to take my medicine! Plus, you have to drink it as fast as possible, without making yourself sick. You could chug it, just to get it over with; however, I'm sure this would make anyone sick enough not to keep it down and it tastes so bad that it really isn't possible to do that. What I ended up doing was drinking as much as I could until I gagged, then repeat until empty. Did I mention ICK!?

Then, I waited my hour so that they could draw my blood. I'm convinced that it really isn't about your glucose tolerance. The whole test is to see if you can drink that little bottle without getting sick, without getting the jitters from all the sweet, and then can you manage to get stuck with a needle while they take your blood. If you do all that you pass!

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