Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy Friday

Technically Soap Conference 10 started today with registration and vendors opening, but I was planning on going tomorrow morning to sign in. Then, I could go to the classes and the networking lunch and I could stroll around to see all the vendors.

However, this will not be happening. I am hoping to get there by noon, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning with a perinatal doctor. During our last ultrasound our doctor noticed a few things that she wanted a more in-depth picture of our little guy for. First, they couldn't get a look at the skin along his back because he wouldn't roll over (scary thought). Second, his nuchal fold was too thick which could indicate down's syndrome (more worrisome due to health problems and shortened life span). Last, they couldn't get a look at all 4 chambers of his heart (panic!!!).

I'm sure he will be ok, but it is very hard to try not to worry. I know I'll have enough reasons to worry for the rest of my life, but couldn't they through fewer things at you at once. Well, I'm being optimistic that everything will be ok and that right after my appointment, I'll be heading up to Denver to enjoy a weekend of great lessons and meeting great people!

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