Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camp Work Weekend

We just finished another fun-filled work weekend at Camp Monakiwa! The roads were muddy going up Friday night and by 8 when I was driving up, ridiculously slick and sticky. I got stuck within sight of the gate (but I did manage to get up after much patience) of course the two that came after me got stuck too, so I don't feel bad.

We all stayed up entirely too late on Friday and woke up later on Saturday than we usually do. It was rainy and cold, so we needed an indoor job. We all agreed to start pulling up chipped tile in the lodge to replace it and make it look nicer. Then, someone, who shall remain nameless, suggested we pull up all the tile between the two front doors to the back of the lodge. I agree it will look much nicer when finished, but WHY did we think that was a good idea. We spent all day Saturday beating crowbars and chisels with hammers to get the old (1984) tile up. Asbestos anyone? We got most of it finished and left nothing but the sticky black tar-like glue and who knows how many years of dirt. The plan is to finish that, level the floor, and lay new tile for the next work weekend.

We went to bed earlier Saturday night and woke to sunshine on Sunday (thank goodness for us). Other than Ed's busted break line (not really important) and Tara's missing wedding rings (very important) leaving Sunday went pretty smooth. Don't worry Ed's break lines were kinda fixed and Tara's rings found. We even got to enjoy a delicious lunch and the Smiling Faces Restaurant with creepy statues staring at us.

It was good to see everyone and we hope more will join us Memorial Weekend for more adventures!

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