Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Worry

I was asked yesterday why I am concerned about the law that CO is looking at passing. After all, I use all natural ingredients and stay clear of dangerous stuff, right? Well, yes, there are several concerns still.
  1. Who decides what is hazardous and what isn't? Is there a scientific research group that is in no way influenced by any lobby groups? How will we test to see if something is unsafe? What about products that are safe in small concentrations and diluted as we use them? The way this law is worded it does not set any standards for safe usage. It is simply a blanket ban, which is silly because water is deadly and we don't ban it.
  2. The enforcement of this law would be left up to citizens to bring it to the state's attention that a company is doing something they should not. However, there is no protection from businesses for false accusations or frivolous law suits. While a large corporation would look at the expense as an inconvenience, a small business would not be able to survive, even if they aren't fined. In the past, laws like this have let to a sort of bounty hunt against business and it bogged the legal system down with an excess of lawsuits that turned out to be groundless.
  3. I am concerned about the tactics used by the major campaign groups behind this law and the fact that the law is vague enough that they could end up being the deciding interest group. This group uses scare tactics, poor science, and false conclusions for their campaign. I have known many business owners that were once supporters that have withdrawn their support because of the shady practices. That is not the group I want making decisions on what is safe and what isn't. I want good solid scientific research to show me what is harmful to me. I don't want someone to scare me with falsehoods while the real threat sneaks up behind.
  4. I don't not see this as being beneficial to the industry as a whole. I believe that regulation is needed, but that those regulations should be written carefully and specifically. When a regulation is too vague, it leaves too much room for abuse and misuse.
These are my 4 main reasons. There are of course others, but I don't see the need to go in to everyone of them. Needless to say, I am concerned for the future of my business. I know what I produce is better for you than what you find on most shelves and my business practices are better for the environment than anything most major corporations do. However, this law does not discriminate between those of us honestly creating a good product from those creating a product for profit.

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