Monday, October 26, 2009

Paradise Fizzing Tub Treats

I like taking a bath with oils in it. You just step out feeling good. Your skin is soft, you are relaxed, and you smell better too. I also really like fizzing bath bombs. I have not yet created any, they are on my list, but it just hasn't happened. So, I decided to make some treats for my bath that are fizzy and have oils in them. These smell so good and my skin feels amazing after my bath.

I used unrefined coconut oil to give them a nice tropical island scent and some mango butter so they didn't melt too easily. I then added baking soda and citric acid for some fizzy fun. I also added some honey powder and milk powder because we all deserve it. When I think of paradise I think of salt, so a little sea salt went in. My final touch was lime essential oil and a splash of spearmint. I did all my measurements with a tablespoon. I used 4 tbsp of each oil and a total 12 tbsp of dry ingredients. Its up to you for what you want in it. You can also add a tbsp or 2 of natrasorb.

Melt your oils together, mix with dry ingredients. It should be a thick paste. I used flexible silicone molds in the shape of fish and shells, then I popped them in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Remove, unmold and allow to sit out before putting in a container to avoid condensation.

I love these, they are so much fun! I think I might even take them to my next show to see how others respond!

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