Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No More Being TENSE!!!

Yesterday I looked at my bank account and YIKES!!! I had $20 in there. I knew this month was going to be tight because I don't get my first paycheck yet and all my business income is going towards show fees, supplies, and sales taxes are due. But, WOW talk about a time to panic. I thought one bill had already cleared and it hadn't, so my math was off. I really did go in to total panic mode: WE NEED FOOD, WE NEED GAS, THE DOG NEEDS FOOD, WHAT IF I FORGOT TO WRITE SOMETHING ELSE DOWN, AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Time to FL!P my thinking: I breathe.

Ok, so now I've taken a few (hundred) deep breaths. I'm calmer. I can look at this rationally and be positive, we can eat the dog. Problem solved. Haha, just kidding, she's old and probably stringy. The dog doesn't need food yet, so I can buy that after payday. We have enough gas to wait until payday. We did have to go get food, but we only spent $20 on the credit card and that will last us through payday.

I did panic and I was very tense about the whole situation. While I am glad payday is only a few days away, it really didn't do any good to worry. Worrying won't solve my problems, but it will keep me from enjoying today and the time I have with the people I treasure.

Can you relate? Let me know, I'm always looking for comments!

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