Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organization Needs to Be Continued

Early last year I started the Declutter Challenge, every week the challenge was to get rid of one item that you didn't need to declutter your house. I made it through 29 weeks before school started and I was a little too busy to continue what I'd been doing. That's not to say that I didn't continue getting rid of things, but that I didn't have time to go through things. So, I continued, but a lot of the things were really small. It does count because they left the house, but I didn't post about them.

I found another challenge that I would like to try. I found this on Pinterest, it is the 21 Day Organization Challenge. If I'm honest, there is no way that I can do one of these each day. Nice idea. Won't happen. So, instead of setting my self up to fail, I'm going to change it just a bit.

First, I changed the list a little because that list didn't fit my exact needs. For example, we don't store anything under the beds anyway. I'm serious, I don't put anything there. When we had a cat, she loved to sleep under there and left mountains of black fur. I just never started putting anything there after she passed on. Second, I'm not going to do one of these everyday for a month. I'm going to try to get 1 or 2 done a week. Some are very small and others are large. If it is simple, I should get 2 done a week. Larger tasks will be one a week.

My list is not 20 (the last one is enjoying the cleanliness) items long. It is 19 because I took off clean out from under beds and the coat closet (don't have one!), but I added clean out my soap room.

I'm going to check off cleaning out the jewelry box because I just went through all of my jewelry when I hung up my new DIM (did it myself!) Jewelry Hanger! I'm also checking off clean out my purse because I did that this morning.

I know several of the things on the list are similar to what I did in my Declutter Challenge, but some of those were done a while ago, so it is time to redo them anyway. Others need to be done because I'm going to be rearranging for our new little addition.

Who else is on an organization kick with me!?!

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