Monday, April 25, 2011

Making Baby Food

I decided that I wanted to make my own baby food for Hayden. A lot of people thought I was nuts, but it is really easy and super quick! I steam everything in the microwave for about 5-10 minutes and I let it cool. Then, I dump it in the food processor and puree it until smooth. Some foods don't puree as well as others, but you just add a little water and you can get a pretty nice smooth texture for most foods. Then, they go into ice cube trays and into the freezer. I just thaw a few cubes out and it is ready for a meal. He loves it!
Homemade baby food takes up the majority of my freezer. on Twitpic
It fills my freezer, but it is so much cheaper than baby food. The jars at the store are anywhere from $.70 - $1 for 4-6 oz of food. But, he can eat 4 oz at each meal! I spent $5 on sweet potatoes this weekend and I have enough puree to last for a few weeks! Plus, steaming loses less of the nutrients. I can also buy local, organic, or whatever is freshest. OR, he loves his peaches, but they aren't in season yet, so I buy frozen. It tastes wonderful, it isn't like the canned baby food we all know and detest.