Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coathanger Swirling

I saw this method at Heirloom Body Care and just had to try it out. This works well with a log mold and you can use it to work the swirls up and down. All you need is a wire coat hanger that you bend to fit the length of your log mold.

I did this with new silicone log mold I just purchased. I made a 2 lb batch of soap and decided to make my swirls pink and brown. The brown was because one of the fragrance oils I used contained vanilla, so I just went with the eventual brown.

I made my soap using my tried and true olive/coconut/palm recipe that I love! I decided to separate as soon as the soap was mixed and wouldn't separate, but before trace. I poured half into a second bowl and added rose kaolin clay and strawberry fragrance oil. I also added some strawberry seeds, just to be creative.

Strawberry soap
 Then I added dark chocolate fragrance oil to the second half with some cocoa powder (I really wanted it to be dark brown).
Dark Chocolate Soap

I layered my soap by putting the pink soap on the bottom and covering it with the brown soap. I couldn't take a picture, but to minimize mixing of the layers, I gently poured the brown over a spatula and let it run onto the pink layer. I think it worked well. Then, I used my bent hanger to swirl my layers up and down. I even did a few spiral patterns to see what would happen.
In the mold
See how my coathanger fits.

My soap is now insulated and finishing itself off. I can't wait to see what it looks like! Can you guess the scent?
All done!