Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Time Again!

One of the reasons I love fall is because I love pumpkins! There is so much you can do with a pumpkin and they just look fun.

What do I do with pumpkins? Let me see. I make pumpkin puree which gets used in soap, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin face masks. I have enough left over in the freezer, it will probably get fed to Hayden when he is older. I roast the seeds. Oh, I love pumpkin seeds, they are so delicious and easy to make. I also love how you can make them any flavor you want, although plain salted is my favorite. Of course, we can't forget that age old tradition of carving pumpkins!
My Honu Pumpkin!
This year I got two pie pumpkins from the farmer's market I participated in. They were perfect! I have so much puree from them (read about making your own here), I don't think I'll have a shortage this next year. We got our carving pumpkins from a local farm that has a petting zoo, pony rides, and other activities for kids. Hayden was much too small to enjoy any of that, but we had fun and we got some cute pictures of him with the pumpkins.

My favorite pumpkin
What do you like to do with pumpkins? Do you have a special recipe that you use?