Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soap and Baby

So, I knew that it would be hard to get much done with a newborn, I just wasn't prepared for how often he would need something. At first it was pretty much constant. By the time I got done feeding him and changing him, he'd take a 30 min nap and want to eat again. At about 4 weeks, we got into a pretty good schedule. I'd feed him, we'd play until he got fussy, then he'd go down for a nap and I'd feed him every 3 hours. It is still working, although he's playing longer and sleeping less.

Little Hayden
Considering how often I was taking care of him, I didn't think I would get anything done, but I figured out a system for my soapmaking. Right after he goes to sleep I get started. I make my lye first, since that takes so long to cool. Then I melt my oils, line my mold, and get all my extras ready. He usually starts waking before I'm finished with this, but his pacifier keeps him happy until dinner time. Then, I take a break and feed him. When he goes back to sleep I finish making the soap and clean up. I usually finish just in time for him to eat again. So, it is taking longer to finish a batch of soap, but I'm glad I get to do it. I love caring for Hayden, but getting to make soap is a welcome change to the day. I haven't tried making any balms yet, but we'll get to it.
Chocolate Mint Milk Soap

My first craft show is November 12th, so I'd better get busy. The rest of my soaps will be made in my crock pot, but they'll be wonderful just the same.