Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nursing Cover

I did it! I made my very first nursing cover. I know it has nothing to do with soap or skin care, but I'm just so excited! I got the pattern from Prudent Baby, which is a blog I just adore. I decided to give it a try.

It was not going well because my sewing machine used to belong to my mother and I think it is the one she learned to sew on. The tension controls are not quite what they used to be and a straight stitch does not work out like it should. So, I borrowed a friend's machine and was able to finish my project. It took me about an hour to complete, but it was my first one and I kept going back to the blog to check the instructions. I imagine if I make another, it will be much quicker.

I did tweak the measurements a little. I made it a plus-size cover since I'm a plus-size girl. I added two inches to the width and the boning for the peek-a-boo. I didn't change the length because I'm not extra tall and I left the straps the same length. I'm actually thinking that I'm going to shorten the straps anyway, especially the side with the d-rings. I would prefer to have those on the side for quick adjustments instead of the back of my neck. Which makes this pattern so great, it is really easy to adjust. Plus, the ladies at Prudent Baby take great pictures of everything they do, so no matter what you can easily follow along!