Thursday, May 2, 2013


What is calendula? It is a flower! A very lovely flower too. It is sometimes called pot marigold, but should not be confused with marigolds.

Why do you care? Because calendula is a wonderful plant with many therapeutic properties. First of all, it is actually edible. The petals make a wonderful addition to salad. I've heard that the tea is beneficial too; although, I've never tried it.

How do I use calendula? By infusing it in oil! There are other ways to use calendula topically, but this is my favorite. I infuse the herbs in olive oil and use it for just about everything. Calendula has antibacterical, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties; which makes it great for skin care. Some find it effective in treating eczema, acne, rashes, or even dry, cracked skin. You could use the infused oil directly on trouble spots or create a balm first.

To infuse oil with calendula you will need a double boiler, calendula petals, and a light oil. Put some water in the bottom of the double boiler. Put dried calendula petals in the top and pour enough oil to just cover the petals. Put the top into the bottom of the double boiler and place it over low heat for several hours. Be sure the bottom does not dry out. Then, strain the petals from the oil. I store mine in a glass jar in the fridge to make it last longer.

I use a calendula infused oil in Honu Naturals Tiny Heinie Balm and Salve. I also have a herbal lip balm that is in the testing phase and a cuticle balm that I'm trying out. So far, I think both are a big hit and will soon be available.

What are some other ways you use calendula?