Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Car Seat Cover

I've been having sew (punny) much fun on my borrowed sewing machine lately! I guess one good point to being unemployed is that I have LOTS of time to get stuff done (I'm trying really hard to find the positive points here, please understand). My house is cleaner than it has been in forever. I've gotten so many projects done. I organized my soap room (pictures to come!). I've had some genius creative ideas. AND I've gotten to spend lots of time browsing the internet looking for crafty projects. Oh, and I've applied for so many jobs I can't keep up anymore.

I made my nursing cover and now I've made a car seat cover! I love it, it straps on the the carrier handle and it is fitted perfectly for the seat. So, I don't have to worry about him pulling a blanket off, a blanket being too big and hanging on the ground, or any other little problems. The biggest bonus? I picked out the material and it is exactly what we wanted! I also grabbed some other material that I couldn't resist, it has little blue and brown elephants on it and so I might make another.

Car seat cover closed. I followed the tutorial from Make it Do. I love her tutorials because she has sooo many pics to help.

What do you think, not bad for my first try!

Cover open, I like the brighter pattern on the inside for him to look enjoy.