Friday, June 12, 2009

Shoulda Stayed in Bed

So, I had three big things I needed to make today. First, I needed to make some coffee soap, then honey soap, and last a new batch of lotion. Since I need coffee to make coffee soap, I decided to make some with breakfast and then stick it in the fridge to cool (see I know what I supposed to do). Well, for some reason known only to my vacationing brain, I left out the filter. Anyone know what happens when you do that? Yep, coffee and coffee grounds everywhere. That took a nice long time to clean up, you should try it some time. So, I got that cleaned up and made another pot (with filter). It seems weak, but I guess will work.

While that was cooling I decided to make my honey soap. Now, let me say, I have made successful batches of honey soap. I know it will get excessively hot and you should start at a lower temp and DO NOT INSULATE. I mixed my lye and oils and stirred until it was almost at trace and then I added my slightly warmed honey. Finished mixing it and poured this loving smelling concoction in the mold. I did notice that it was already much warmer than when I started mixing, so I didn't want to do anything to keep heat in. I set the whole thing on a counter and put the lid on crooked to vent, but still keep everything out. I started to clean up and for some reason thought I should sneak a peak. Lucky I did, it had already started blowing up, so I took off the lid and it continued to rise. It never did actually volcano out of the mold, but I'm not sure its going to be usable.

I think I'll do the coffee soap and my lotion tomorrow. I should not be allowed near sharp objects, hot mixtures, and definitely not lye! So, for now I think I'll stay in my office and get some work done there.

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