Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coco-Mango Massage

I love massages (especially from someone special), but I hate massage oil that just runs everywhere or doesn't absorb quickly enough and you end up with oily sheets. Yuck! So, I whipped this up and I (we) love it. The measurements are based on weight, but would not be hard to adjust for volume if you wanted.

1.5 oz mango butter (I think cocoa would probably work, but I didn't want the scent)
1 oz virgin coconut oil (because I love the scent)
1-1.5 oz macadamia nut oil (start with less and then add some to get the consistency you like)

Melt the mango butter and coconut oil in a double boiler. Take off heat before completely melted and let residual heat finish the job. Let it cool until it just starts to get solid. You can stick it in the freezer to speed this up, just don't forget it! Add your macadamia nut oil (you could substitute any other oil of your choice), blend together. Once at room temp you can add anything you want to change the consistency, play around a little with it. It just have a fluffy whipped look, stick in a container of your choice (baby food jars are soooo handy). This will literally melt right onto your skin. I didn't scent mine because the coconut smell is just so yummy on its own.

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