Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mango Butter!

Mango butter? Does that go on toast? No, but if they did have mango flavored butter, you can bet I'd be buying it by the bucket load. Mango butter is often used in personal care products. It is similar to shea and cocoa butters, but harder than shea and softer than cocoa. It also lacks the very strong smell of unrefined shea butter, it has a sweeter smell. Mango butter will melt on your skin and can be smoothed in for a rich body treat; however, you might want to blend it with shea butter or liquid oils because it can be a little hard on its own.
Photo by Micaela Vega

Mango butter is pressed from the kernel of Mangifera indica, which I'm sure we are all pretty familiar with. Mango butter is good for softening the skin and restoring its flexibility and elasticity. It has even been recommended to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Mango butter is thought to be useful for a number of conditions including: dry skin, healing rashes and other skin problems (such as eczema), healing the skin after a burn or small cuts, smoothing tough skin, fighting off fine lines, and generally promoting healthy skin.

Mango butter can be used to make terrific body butters, body balms, or lip balms. Actually, its uses go far beyond that (massage creams, soaps, shaving butter, or hair products), but balms and butters are the most common. 

Mmm...mango butter, maybe I should look into mango jelly!